Shawn Flisakowski

Senior Software Engineer
Apple Inc.
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA


Apple Inc.: Jan 2006 to Present

May 2013 to Present: Working on iWork (Numbers).

Working on formulas, rewriting, and the calculation engine. Handled formula rewriting for transpose and collaboration.


Jan 2006 to May 2013: Worked on Aperture and iPhoto.


FileMaker Inc.: May 1998 to Jan 2006

I worked on the data-engine layer underlying all of the 7.0 thru 8.5 products. Specific areas I worked on include [for all items listed, I worked on internals only - not the graphics]:

FileMaker 8.5 (released July 2006)

FileMaker 8.0 (released August 2005)

FileMaker 7.0 (released March 2004)


SecureSoft: October 1997 to April 1998

SecureSoft is a startup in silicon valley doing some security-related software. My work there was to design and implement a deductive database, basically a simplified (and therefore more efficient) version of Coral.

Informix: January 1997 to October 1997

Worked on the XPS query optimizer. I implemented an algorithm to efficiently divide the system's available memory between the various iterator nodes in a query.


I graduated from UW-Madison in January 1997, where I obtained my Master's degree in Computer Science while working full-time as a research assistant in the database group.

The projects I participated in during that time:

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