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This page contains an excerpt from public records, often, additional information was provided by one of the two individuals involved in the relationship.
It is provided for informational purposes only.

Public Records
Name Spouse Date of Marriage Date of Divorce Notes
Jenny S Lane Jonathon Schlice July 12, 1986 ??
Jenny S Lane William M Heimlich (Bill) ?? Feb 15, 1995 Had two kids: Aaron and Megan
Jenny Lane Heimlich? Jon (aka "The Troll") ?? ??
Jenny Huisman Jeffrey S Huisman April 23, 2000 2003 Separated Feb, 2002
Jenny Sung Lane Joel Robert Mortenson July 27, 2004 ??
Jenny Sung Lane Shawn Flisakowski April 10, 2005 Nov 23, 2011 Filed for divorce on Nov 10, 2010
Jenny Sung Lane Brendan Valpey TBD TBD Engaged on Nov 30, 2011
Jenny Lane Horvath Tim Horvath Oct 5, 2013 TBD

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