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Infinite Patience v2.3

Infinite Patience is a set of 45 solitaire card games for Windows 95/98/NT/XP, and Windows 3.1.
I also have started work on reimplementing this card game to MacOS X versions.

The games in Infinite Patience are not generic; each game has a custom look, designed specifically to make that particular game fun and easy to play. There is help available for every game, and a special help option that jumps you right to the rules for the game you're currently playing.

Infinite Patience has undo and redo commands, and keeps side-by-side statistics for multiple players so you can compare your stats with your friends and family.

All your favorite card games are implemented.

Infinite Patience Version 2.3 features numbered deals, more games, and all for the same low price. As always, registered users that purchased previous versions can upgrade to the latest version for free.

Version 2.3:

For Vista, or Windows 7, download the zip file now: Download Patience23.zip (~ 383K)

No installer version: Download patience.exe (~ 612K)

For Windows 95/98 or Windows NT/XP, download the self-extracting file now: Download patien23.exe (~ 612K)

Charityware is a method by which, (if you try and like the game) rather than paying me, you can donate $20 directly to one of these charities:

You can obtain a registration key for Infinite Patience just by emailing me at: flisakow at spf-15 dot com.


If you're still using Windows 3.1, you can download a previous version:
Version 1.3, for Windows 3.1 only: Download patien13.exe (~ 524K)

Version History

Version History
Version Release Date No. Games Cost Platform
2.3 (as charityware) 1/2000 45 $20 Windows 95/98/NT/XP
2.2 2/99 45 $20 Windows 95/98/NT/XP
2.1 6/98 40 $20 Windows 95/98/NT
2.0 11/97 30 $20 Windows 95/NT
1.3 11/97 30 $20 Windows 3.1
1.2 3/97 30 $20 Windows 3.1
1.1 4/96 25 $20 Windows 3.1
1.0 2/96 20 $20 Windows 3.1

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